NEXMAP sparks kids’ imaginations, teaches simple circuitry, and fosters critical thinking.

Paper meets electronics – NEXMAP reimagines literacy and hands-on learning, connecting creative inquiry and artistic practice with electronics, open data, and personal fabrication. We’re opening up a new kind of innovation for all learners, one that responds directly to the question: What does it mean to be future-ready?


Western Pennsylvania Writing project experiments with paper circuitry

"The 21st Century Notebooking Inquiry project has served as a natural springboard for teacher leaders to emerge within their schools while tinkering with multi-modal composition in the form of writing and flat copper tape, tiny batteries, LED lights, and microprocessors."

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It's not just about learning electronics.
It's about learning learning.

Howard Rheingold,

A vital opporutntity to play and tinker as a scaffold to structured inquiry.

Andrea Pokrzywinski, Science Teacher, Lower Kuskokwim School District, AK

What I learned is a) cool and b) actually applicable.

Sophomore, Waxahachie Global High School, Waxahachie, TX



Since 2006, NEXMAP has distinguished itself with remarkable performances and transformative teaching and learning programs for educators and youth. From summer institutes to concerts and public workshops, we are combining art, science, and electronics and working with incredibly talented musicians, artists, and engineers.

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