NEXMAP builds future-ready teachers and learners at the intersection literacy, technology, craft, and open data. Our work champions transformational hands-on learning, introductory electronics, and civic engagement, allowing learners to explore circuit craft as a scaffold for using local data to build essential literacies that connect them to each other and their communities.

Focused on leadership development and the use of public data as part of an emerging civic infrastructure for teaching and learning, Hack Your Notebook and Open Data/Open Minds present paper and electronics as a learning platform for educators in and out-of-school that targets engineering, storytelling, physical computing, and data literacy.




Circuit Stickers, Notebook Hacking and Learning as Debugging

It's not just about learning electronics.
It's about learning learning.

Howard Rheingold


Hacking the Notebook to Illuminate Your Thinking

I like that it really made me think bigger than the classroom...what I learned is a) cool and b) actually applicable. If feel like we get too wrapped up in one subject at school and don’t take time to integrate so this was a nice change.

       - Sophomore, Waxahachie Global                   High School, Waxahachie, TX

Molly Adams
National Writing Project Teacher Consultant                                         Waxahachie ISD                            @finchgirl10


Hack Your Notebook with Paper Circuits Reflection

I think my students will have a greater natural desire to make and create through problem solving as opposed to more formal controlled scientific experiments. These are important, but I think students are missing the opportunity to play and tinker as a scaffold to structured inquiry.

Andrea Pokrzywinski
Science Teacher and Distance Learning Instructor
Lower Kuskokwim School District, AK