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Simple Circuit

Parallel Circuit

Adding a Switch

Video Demonstrations

Interested in paper circuitry but not sure how to begin? Start here! In this video demo, we walk you through basic materials and how to make an LED light up. (If you want to illuminate more than one LED, stay tuned for our tutorial on parallel circuits--coming soon!)
To maintain electrical continuity, you have to be careful about how you fold the copper tape if what you're using doesn't have conductive adhesive.

What if you want to use more than one light in your paper circuitry project? You need to design a parallel circuit. This demo shows you how to plan and create a parallel circuit in your notebook using type 1206 surface mount LEDs.

This demonstration shows how to add standard surface mount (SMD) LEDs to paper circuits, soldering techniques for copper tape on paper, and incorporating microcontrollers. (Tutorial for programming microcontrollers using the Arduino IDE coming soon.)