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Paper circuitry is STEAM‐powered learning

(STEM + the Arts = STEAM). 

Developing skills, concepts and learning experiences that build creative confidence, technical and expressive expertise.

We have raised $100K of a $250K goal.

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Fred Frith & Michel Doneda | February 12, 2009 at swissnex San Francisco

Fred Frith & Michel Doneda | February 12, 2009 at swissnex San Francisco

Since its start in 2006, NEXMAP has opened minds and produced profound and intimate artistic experiences. With the help of our donors, we have:

  • Showcased over 55 internationally renowned artists from the Bay Area, Mexico, France, Japan, Switzerland and Canada at 39 different events,
  • Educated hundreds of under-served youth in its Inside/Out outreach initiative, by offering free admission and post-event conversations with musicians and composers, and providing unique hands-on workshops to demystify new technologies.
  • Nurtured young professionals through our state-wide Recording Award for California Composers, and our Media Workshops that develop and support the next generation of creators.


Rechargeable Battery Notebook Hack - Prototype

When we first met with Jie, she showed us her remarkable powered sketchbook, which she created by disassembling a Moleskine notebook, hollowing out the back cover to embed a rechargeable battery she repurposed from a cell phone charging case and then running power leads onto each page. Natalie also used this approach to power her wifi-connected notebook.

Both of these hacks seemed far too sophisticated for me to attempt myself when I first saw them, but now I have a lot more paper circuitry projects under my belt. My notebook finally filled up and I needed to move into a new one, so I figured it was time to see if I could up my hacking game and create my own version of Jie’s and Natalie’s power hack.

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