Mission & Vision

NEXMAP builds future-ready teachers and learners at the intersection of literacy, technology, craft, and data. Focused on leadership development, educator training, and transformational hands-on learning, NEXMAP uses paper and electronics to help educators connect engineering, storytelling, and data literacy with problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills.


  • Develop partnerships with local schools, libraries and museums to expand opportunities for creative learning
  • Provide regular workshops for educators and students for hands on experience with the Hack Your Notebook project and the Numbers and Narrative Workshop series, part of the Open Data/Open Minds initiative
  • Provide lectures and webinars in collaboration with national and international organizations to engage the education community
  • Serve as a model for and provide support to education organizations nation-wide to implement new learning initiatives
  • Collaborate with artists, engineers and designers to create and distribute new resources for educators and students