Mission & Vision

NEXMAP’s education initiative, 21st Century Notebooking, provides new tools to educators for creative thinking and production-centered learning through paper circuitry. Working with local and national partners, we develop and share new learning materials and support educators and students through workshops, online resources and community outreach. We seek to build a thriving community of practice for innovation and creative learning that develops students' creative and technological confidence.


  • Develop 21st Century Notebooking as a platform for creative learning
  • Engage students through a deep design/innovation process through paper circuitry
  • Build students' skills in arts and technology, creative confidence and innovative mindsets
  • Support learners of all ages in the development of technical and expressive expertise
  • Engage educators in and out of school to create communities of practice focused on the multiple literacies connected with production-centered learning


  • Develop partnerships with local schools, libraries and museums to expand opportunities for creative learning
  • Provide regular workshops for educators and students for hands on experience with 21st Century Notebooking
  • Provide lectures and webinars in collaboration with national and international organizations to engage the education community
  • Serve as a model for and support organizations nation-wide to implement new learning initiatives
  • Collaborate with artists, engineers and designers to create and distribute new resources for educators and students


Founded in Fall 2005 and established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in the Summer 2006, NEXMAP began as a platform for the production and appreciation of contemporary, experimental art. Since its inception the organization has been dedicated to supporting new forms of expression found at the intersection of the arts and new technology. To this end, NEXMAP has re-directed its focus to its STEAM education program and the development of 21st Century Notebooking, recognizing the essential role the arts and new technology have in developing innovative models for education.